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General Information

The WFNMB is based on the principle of the equality of all its members. Membership in the WFNMB is open to national societies, associations or groups acknowledged as representatives in each country in the field of Nuclear Medicine  and are incorporated, based on the respective national law of associations (proof of legal bylaws through testified translation). Only one society or group may represent each country. Only those national societies or groups which are nonprofit organizations may become members.The national groups, societies and associations which signed the Statutes prior to the First Assembly are considered to be the founding members of the Federation.


The membership fee is based on the number of national members, multiplied with the index, set forth by the WFNMB Executive Board. The current index is US Dollar 2,-


Please complete the WFNMB membership application form and return it scanned via eMail to the WFNMB permanent office (E-mail: Please attach to your application the following documents:

  • proof of legal bylaws through testified translation

  • proof of the legal entity

  • letter of intention (please describe your reasons(s) to become a WFNMB member)

Applications for membership will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and their findings shall be recommended to the Delegates Assembly for action in election to membership.

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