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The Federation aims to run an extensive Education Programme for developing countries, both on-site and on-line. The WFNMB works with member societies (e.g. SNMMI and EANM) to offer educational programmes, products and information to help individual nuclear physicians stay current and provide the best possible nuclear medicine practice to the public.


Primary Strategies:

Assume responsibility for management of some regional/national workshops to assure continuity and educational quality.

  1. Offer educational resources online

  2. Work with the SNMMI, EANM, IAEA and others to support distribution of relevant educational materials worldwide

  3. Provide educational materials for developing countries (e.g., free copies of journals), primarily via the Internet

  4. Encourage companies to support establishment of permanent QA labs for teaching

  5. Form partnerships with existing entities to develop educational resources that don’t duplicate what already exists

  6. Guidelines: Disseminate established Guidelines for developing countries, taking into account practice differences between various countries, to enhance the appropriateness of practice, improve the quality of nuclear medicine, lead to better patient outcomes, improve cost-effectiveness and identify required areas of research

  7. Website: In addition the website will be indicating the scope of our activities. One of our constant and major efforts with the website will be to stimulate and encourage communication among colleagues and their societies. It is our hope that this site will grow to be a major link for all nuclear medicine professionals.

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