Election for President-Elect


Candidates for the position of PRESIDENT-ELECT will be proposed by the Members and elected during the Members Assembly at the EANM conference in October 2020. During July through October 2020 financial members will have the opportunity to vote on-line through a professional voting system. The WFNMB office will send out an invitation for on-line voting in due time. 



  • July 1, 2020: Deadline for receipt of seconding forms and requested documentation (see guidelines below)

  • July 31, 2020: All financial members are invited to participate in the on-line voting. Member countries paying their dues after this date are invited to elect during the GA itself. 

  • July 17, 2020: Opening of the on-line voting tool

  • October 1, 2020 (4pm GMT): closing of the on-line voting tool 


Please note: all financial members, not having voted on-line, will have the opportunity to vote during the General Assembly.

Please provide the following: 

  • Each nomination form should be submitted with the names of the proposer and two seconders (from ordinary member societies/groups other than the country of his/her place of residence). 

  • Each nomination form should be submitted with the following:

    • Letter of commitment from the nominee

    • Curriculum vitae of the nominee

    • Testimonial from the proposer 

    • Testimonials from two seconders

Please read through the guidelines carefully and only bid if the candidate has the support of the 

National Society/Regional Society to foster the goals and commitments set forth by the WFNMB. 

Guidelines for nomination 

The request for nomination will be sent to all National Nuclear Medicine Societies that are members of the WFNMB, past and present, however only proposers and seconders by current members of WFNMB will be permitted. 

  • The WFNMB Executive Board will evaluate each nomination form together with the supplementary documentation provided 

  • The nomination must include the name of the nominee, the name and contact person from the proposing National Society, and two seconder National Societies 

  • The nomination has to be submitted by the proposing National Society 

  • The nomination documentation must be received by the WFNMB Office by 4pm (GMT) on October 1, 2020. 

  • The election of the WFNMB PRESIDENT-ELECT will take place at the WFNMB members assembly at the EANM Annual Congress in Vienna, Austria in October 2020 (Time & date to be advised). Only paid up, current National Societies are eligible to vote.
    !!No proxy voting will be allowed!! 

Election for Congress Venue 2026

The WFNMB Congress – goals and commitment

The WFNMB Congress aims to bring together scientists, clinicians, researchers and professionals involved in the practice of Nuclear Medicine and Biology, for scientific presentations, educational sessions, and strategic discussions on matters of regional and global interest to the profession. The WFNMB Congress should be integrated into an existing national or regional scientific congress/meeting, to facilitate the scientific program, and ensure outreach to a broad audience. A particular emphasis in the congress program should be on educational sessions and discussion of issues relevant to developing countries. The Congress shall aim to provide sufficient funding to WFNMB in order to sustain its activities in the years between the quadrennial congresses. 

The WFNMB Congress Committee

The Congress of the Federation shall be organized by a Professional Congress Organizer selected by the Congress Committee in consultation with and approved by the WFNMB Executive Board. 

The Congress Committee will be charged with organizing the quadrennial WFNMB Congress. The Congress is an important forum for exchange between participants from developing countries and developed countries. Whilst Nuclear Medicine is well established in many parts of the world, there is increasing demand for education in developing countries. The WFNMB Leadership is committed to ensuring that educational programs are a key part of the quadrennial WFNMB Congress.


The Congress Committee shall be composed of:

  • Chair of the Congress Committee

  • Chair of the Scientific Program

  • Chair of the Budget Committee

  • Individual members, as required

In case of incapacity of the Congress Chair, the Scientific Committee Chair, or the Budget Committee Chair due to whatever reason, a successor shall be appointed by the Congress Committee after approval by the Executive Board. The term of office will equal the remaining period of the predecessor.

The rights and duties of the Congress Committee include:

  • The creation of a scientific program, which also includes appropriate times allocated for sessions for the host country, clinical partner societies, developing countries and young participants

  • Select and present appropriate locations within the financial guidelines to organize local and social events

  • Organize an appropriate Public Relation campaign 

  • At least one member shall not be above the age of 40 years

  • The Congress Committee is obligated to acquire sponsors.

  • The Budget Committee Chair shall be authorized to enter contracts given the permission of the Congress Committee


Special duties of the Congress Chair include presiding over the Congress Committee for organizing the congress; be responsible for the integration of the Executive Board’s views with regards to the content, finance or strategy of the congress; and is required to report the status quo of the congress organization to every Executive Board meeting. This report has to be electronically forwarded to the Executive Secretariat three weeks prior to such meetings.

Guidelines for bidding

  • The request for proposal will be sent to all National Nuclear Medicine Societies that are members of the WFNMB. National Societies of Nuclear Medicine may contact their Convention Bureaus for assistance with submitting the proposals

  • In order for the decision to be based upon objective criteria, the WFNMB Executive Board have assembled questions which should be answered as comprehensively as possible in the order given in the Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • The proposal must include the name of the Congress Chair, and if possible, the Congress Committee and their respective roles

  • It has to be acknowledged that Congress revenues shall be split in equal parts between the WFNMB and the hosting national organisation. The minimum amount WFNMB shall receive by the hosting national organisation is USD 50,000. 

  • Any RFP has to be submitted by the respective National Society

  • All applications received directly by “Professional Congress Organizers” (PCOs) and “Destination Management Companies” (DMCs) or other agencies will NOT be accepted

  • The proposal for hosting the WFNMB Congress 2026 must be received by the WFNMB Office by June 30th 2020


The election of the congress venue for WFNMB 2026 will take place at the WFNMB members intermediate assembly at the EANM Annual Congress in Vienna, Austria in October 2020. 

!!Please note that the election of the WFNMB Executive Leadership will be held at the same time, but the nominees are separate from this election of the Congress Venue and Congress Chair/Committee. According to the statutes (§9, point 12) the WFNMB Executive Board reserves the right to only put the top candidates to the vote!!

Should you have any questions regarding these specifications, please feel free to contact the Secretary General or leave a message at the WFNMB Office.

Please click here to download the RfP 2026

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