ARSNM / WFNMB - Road to Kyoto: Theranostics in the Arab World

Update on the Theranostics and molecular imaging in the Arab World


The Federation is representing many countries all around the globe. Is yours listed?

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Lizette Louw

WFNMB is constantly represented at other congress to raise awareness of its aim and mission, to attract member states and disseminate important information to the entire community. 

As President of the WFNMB, I will work tirelessly with the elected Secretary General and Treasurer, the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Health and Nuclear Medicine Authorities from across the globe, all national Nuclear Medicine Societies and Association and the Nuclear Medicine Industry

As a female leader and single mother of two boys, I am acutely aware of gender-based bias and the unique and specific challenges that women face in their work environment and daily life across the globe. It is my privilege to speak out for and promote the rights of women, equal opportunities and support in the workplace.


Savvas Frangos,


This leadership is the first under the new statutes of the Federation, which have the scope to lead the Federation into a new era. From my position as secretary of EANM I participate on those chances and I am proud to be part on their implementation.

The cooperative work is one of my believes and therefore the team consisting..... 


Patricia Bernal,

I consider that the WFNMB is a wonderful platform through which we can have a common  strong voice that allows us to get support between the strong and the weak and achieve common objectives of introducing the presence of Nuclear Medicine in many scenarios...